jueves, 30 de octubre de 2003

I have a dream... I have a dream, yes I do, that one day Bernardo's crappy page will be the most visited page in the Internet.
So today I did something quite cool, or maybe not. I bought a domain name! Yes, that's what I did, it's the first time I own some kind of space somewhere. But it's not the "owning" what makes me happy... (well, maybe yes, maybe i am a neoliberal) because actually i put it on sale right after i bought it (which makes me even more neolineral, damn it!)
Anyway, as an internet surfer, you know, i have the dream of doing something here sometime, so i started with a capital of 6 euros to buy a domain name... And the name is.... is..... www.areabarcelona.com
I hope to fill it with something with it really soon... maybe i will just start by putting this weblog there, keeping the fruitman blogspot, of course! (a fruitman never gives up!) So ideas are welcome, as always (and everytime i write something like this i know my message will at most get to joaquin or jose... Am I right??? Ok, in the meantime do not forget to visit Bernardo's crappy page.

domingo, 26 de octubre de 2003

Should I focus this weblog on something? It was pretty interesting to read the blog of this berkeley girl, where she writes everything she overhears in the streets of berkeley. Well, you see, she has a focus, and I don't.

viernes, 24 de octubre de 2003

By the way, I would like to know whether any of you has succeded in creating a business online... I don't mean you're making a lot of money with it, just interested in experiences you had, both good and bad. Usually, one only reads about the great success stories, but I think there are lots of little successes in the internet, and I would like to know about them, if you don't mind.
Today I started a novel... or sort of. It's a book about the inhabitants of a building, several stories which at some point cross with each other. Kind of short cuts, but with more formal freedom... I want to put all sorts of texts there... let's see, cause I have started some books before, but it's difficult to be constant... A way would be to do it online with a weblog, which is something I'm thinking about.

jueves, 9 de octubre de 2003

Everyday the catholic church goes worse and worse... now they say that the
condom is not a tool to prevent AIDS, but that AIDS can go through the condom.
Therefore, because using condom encourages having sexual relationships, condoms actually help AIDS to spread.
But don't worry, the catholic church only says that in the third world.

jueves, 2 de octubre de 2003

so fonally, after almost one month, i am back
i don't know whether that's good news to anyone,
i don't know whether that's something to anybody,
but it's a fact, you can't deny it if you're reading it.
i am back, with dsl.