martes, 30 de diciembre de 2003

Simple web

My only mexican friend told me about this web, Craigslist. It's a good thing to look at its design, and think whether a fancy design is always necessary to build up an excellent webpage. I am working on an employment website at my company, and couldn't help
being really attracted by Craig's simplicity. Our website is so much more complicated! So, maybe we could build our own craig for Barcelona, um? What do you think, mexican and southern spaniard (Granada is also accepted, I'm sure the government will fund it if it's for southern Spain :) )?

jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2003

Bush's turkey

Again from Wired Furthermore (i'm not very creative today, i must say :)
"You know that picture of President Bush serving a big, fat turkey to the troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving Day? It was a fake. Not the photo, but the bird. Turns out the succulent-looking gobbler was merely an attractive centerpiece -- provided by a subsidiary of Halliburton, no less -- concocted to make Bush look like the consummate host. According to the Washington Post, the soldiers were served slices from a much more modest bird, well out of camera range."

And I say: politics is just another form of advertising.

The last dinner

That's from Wired Furthermore:
"Fattened for the Kill
Texas executes prisoners about as often as some guys change their underwear, but you can't say the condemned don't check out without a square meal. Until a recent redesign of its website, the state's Department of Corrections routinely posted the last meals of those about to die, which ranged from the simple to the extravagant. John "Jackie" Elliott, for example, requested tea and cookies before his execution last February. Then there was Richard Head Williams: two chili cheese dogs, two cheeseburgers, two orders of onion rings with French dressing, a turkey salad with fries, egg rolls, chocolate cake, apple pie, butter pecan ice cream, one peach, three Dr. Pepper sodas, jalapenos, Ketchup and mayonnaise."

I find it disgusting. Can you feel the absolute indifference to those who died? What the hell this journalist thinks he is writing about? Is it just irony, or... can you be ironic about that?

More on flying

By the way, I know a very easy way to fly.


So it turns out that yesterday it was a 100 years that the first plane actually flew.
Some guys spent a long time building an exact replica of the plane the Wright brothers
first used to fly, and a celebration was prepared with 35,000 people waiting to see
the plane fly. Even Bush was supposed to go, though he finally didn't. Well, the thing is
that the replica of the plane, such an exact replica, did not fly at all. Not even the 36 meters of the first Wright brothers' plane. 100 years ago, 3 people were witnessing the Wright brothers experiments. Yesterday it was 35,000, but it didn't work. America is not what it used to be, not anymore? Great things always happen among few people.
(read about it at Wired)

martes, 16 de diciembre de 2003

Nice nickname

Monday Dec. 15, there's this comment I really like, specially because of the nickname of the person who wrote it. He (or she) is: "criminal mind trapped in a geek's body". Is it you, José? I really doubt it. Fascinating things await us. Geekhood. Geekness.

lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2003

A word for Jose

José, today I read the work "geekhood". I thought you would be really happy to know that such a word exists.

My pupil

There's a friend of mine who is reading this blog in order to learn english. Joaquin, you can start laughing.
(Joaquin is the nasty mexican that thinks that my english is not good, and tries really hard to convince me that my english is really bad. Joaquin is like that, you know.)

The idea

The idea is: I write a novel which is inserted into a diary. In the diary, I talk about people who appear in the novel too. Now the problem is to make everything coherent, specially the story.

Changing your history

I just saw that you can actually insert postings with an old date, so that it is possible to modify your own blog history.
For example, I could write that the last 7th of November I saw a policeman and he told me "stop writing your stupid blog, or you will end up in prison.". I don't know, things like that. Virtual history is changeable.

viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2003


Yesterday night I was completely high, and thus had lots of brilliant ideas to write on the blog. Well, I forgot almost all of them. That's the pity about pot. You forget brilliant stuff, just right after you think about it.
Sometimes, when I'm high, I play this game: I try to remember what I just thought of some seconds ago. Sometimes it's really hard.

jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2003


What could I write for the last four minutes of my lunch break?
Just that: I found the perfect place in Barcelona to listen to good live music. It's the Taller de músics jazz&blues club (click on club, that's the bad thing about frames: get it, jose? ... I don't even ask Joaquin, I know he doesn't know about this kind of stuff).
Every day they have a different jam session devoted to a particular style: jazz, blues, latin jazz, flamenco jazz, etc.
There are two floors, so you can sit upstairs for a perfect view, and to avoid being hurted by a flying bottle of beer (just like in Prague, joaquinsito).
You can smoke as much pot as you want.
If you bring in your own instrument, you can always play.
Voice is also considered an instrument.
And it's just two euros, beer included.
Ok, that's all. Work again.


I already enjoyed Dilbert's cartoons a lot, but now that I have a job and I work in an office,
I even enjoy them more. You know, some business professors use Dilbert's cartoons to explain
some organizational science stuff... You can find some of his cartoons at I recommend
you subscribe to get one every morning.

miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2003

Mexican and Spanish

Today I received a job offer to work as a proofreader. The funny thing is they ask for the following: "native spanish speakers (spanish and mexican)".
Since I am a Spanish native speaker of spanish, should I apply for it?
P.S. Please Joaquin do not add a comment saying that you as a mexican are so cool that can apply for the job because mexicans know spanish and mexican and bla bla bla... Ok, please add it.

martes, 9 de diciembre de 2003

Jose Alfredo says

Jose Alfredo says he can't post any comment. And if he can't do it, I wonder how the mexican, much
less skilled than Jose Alfredo in computer science stuff, can do it.
Conclusion: I hate you guys, I hate you guys so much.

sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2003


I am becoming so lazy and terribly untidy that I loose the letters I have written yet not sent to my friends. I guess I'm used to click send and have it sent. But a letter.... the envelope, the stamp. I can't believe I'm saying this. Better change to another thing, butterfly (typical spanish expresión, "a otra cosa, mariposa". Popular slang is very weird sometimes.)


Yesterday I saw his last movie at 0:45am, at the cinema, of course.
Then I went back home and started writing a novel. It's about a guy
who is obessed about writing a novel that Woody will adapt to the big
screen. And he does it. Now what do I put in the other 200 pages?
Writing is too slow to be good, or too good to be slow.

martes, 2 de diciembre de 2003

The geeks

I work for an online company, I say.
In the hidden corner, far away,
is where the computer geeks stay.
It is no work and all play
with all these geeks in a tray
ready to work until May
whenever I say something like hey.

Yeah, poetry is nice, but the truth is the geeks end up doing whatever they want. All work and no play is what I get.

How does it feel?

Well, nothing to do with the lyrics of "like a rolling stone" (did i tell you that i am preparing a version of this song,
like rolling stoned"?)
Anyway, ever asked yourself how does it feel to write your blog from work? Well, I'm doing it now, and I don't feel specially guilty. I will, one day, probably, when they send me all the webpages I have visited and then put it as an excuse to fire me. But when one is commiting the crime, one cannot feel guilty.