sábado, 30 de octubre de 2004

Preparing a lecture

I never thought it would be such a pain to prepare a lecture. I am sitting here in a chair that makes my back suffer so much (I once spent 6 hours shopping for a suitable chair: found none, and ended up with the worst pain in my back in years, so much sitting I did) I sit in front of the power point, move my ass to find THE comfortable position (because there is only ONE), look at the screen, move a little bit more, put my leg on the table, it still hurts but a bit better, i can start thinking of the lecture now... Ok, back to business. I have 30 mins already prepared, just 150 more to go... for the first of three lectures. Man, I should have asked for more money. Or a chair. Chairs in university have it all (what an awful joke, sorry)

viernes, 29 de octubre de 2004

My first post in Spanish (don't worry, there are still plenty of them in English, just scroll down)

Tras este largo título, supongo que sólo habrán quedado los que realmente merecen la pena. Según Joaquin, este título es una mierda, y sólo porque estoy high me parece brillante. Me parece brillante que sea brillante sólo porque estoy high, y me parece brillante que sea una mierda, y por sí mismo también me parece brillante. Miento: no me parece nada. Así que a lo que iba. Que me voy a cenar, que tengo hambre.

Nobody knows you when you're down and out

I got an email from -a saying this:

nobody loves me and I can't even play it...
I want these chords, my soul needs them, man!
-a. "

And so I replied:

"Here you have it, I hope it works for you.
You don't really need to make all the chords to make it sound nice.
It's more or less like life is: the beauty is in how you play it, not in
how it is supposed to be played.
I miss you around, man. Nobody wants to have chocolate here.
See you soon."

And the song is:

"Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
(Eric Clapton Unplugged)

C E A7
Once I lived the life of a millionaire
Dm A7 Dm A7
Spending all my money didn't have any cares
F D7 C A7
Took all my friends out for a mighty good time
We bought bootleg liquor, champagne and wine

C E A7
Then I began to fall so low
Dm A7 Dm A7
Lost all my good friends, had no where to go
F D7 C A7
If I get my hands on a dollar again
I'll hang on to it, till that old eagle grins

C E A7
Because nobody loves you
Dm A7 Dm A7
When you're down and out
F D7 C A7
In your pocket, not one penny
And as for friends, you don't have many.

C E A7
When you get back on your feet again
Dm A7 Dm A7
Everybody wants to be your long lost friend
F D7 C A7
I said it straight, without any doubt
Nobody knows you, when your down and out."

Everybody should play this song at least once in their lives.

jueves, 28 de octubre de 2004

James 2

To honour James, I go have some little wines and sleep. Good night.


James provides little wines** to the wanderers of Plaza Catalunya that approach him. You look at James, James looks back and starts following you. You know why he follows you, because you've gone there just to have him follow you. At one point, James will ask you to sit down, and wait for him. In five minutes, he'll be back and ask you to stand up and walk, and again he will be stalking you. Do you have the dough? Yes, here. Ok, smell. Good? Yes, good. Ok. Bye James. Bye.
**little wines: jojo-mexican aception for grass.


This morning on the tube I found my face at just 20cm away from the face of a girl with the softest skin. It was the texture of a Godess, it was a skin that invited to bite the meat it covered so elegantly. It was a sculpture by Rodin suddenly claiming to be alive, ignorant of the world around it, and yet capturing it all. I wish I could only write better to describe how full of life I was when I felt the impulse of leaning towards her and touch the magical smell of the music of her face. But it was all in vain, as it is now, fourteen hours after.

miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2004

Back to (virtual?) reality

I am now back. The drop that made the glass of my absence pour was when my dad told me last weekend "hey, I visited your chronicles and saw that you took a break". It seems to me like an eternity since I last sat in front of the computer to type some words on the Blogger interface, so slow that I almost gave up after waiting for 240 seconds for the page to load. Many things have been going on, among them a deep rethinking of myself and my coordinates on the network of chaos of this world. I have no conclusions, only confusion. And a list of things:
1) Choche is leaving us for Paris next week. The sentence "we will always have Paris" is now truer than ever.
2) I am giving six lectures at university during the month of November. I have yet to prepare the first one. Alyosha thinks I sold my soul to capital, since I will be talking about e-business.
3) Today I surprised myself singing La Cucaracha at the office.
4) Gay couples can now marry and adopt children is Spain.
5) I have the busiest month of November in years, and yet I decided to restart this old vice of writing.
6) I am still a fruitman, a fresh, impolute fruitman.