sábado, 29 de abril de 2006

Back to old times...

It was a long time since i didn't sit in front of the computer totally relaxed like now, half stoned, half drunk, and with nothing to do but waste time. How delicious it is to waste time, even if it's been said so many times that now it seems repetitive and dull to say it like it was something worth saying. But the thing is that it is delicious to feel like i do.

Anyway, i was going to go to the cinema, but i could have only made it to "volver" by almodovar, which was no good because today we had decided to go and watch it tomorrow together, javi and me. just that you understand me better, javi, i feel as relaxed and satisfied with the world as the trousers that pack elisa's legs in.

Ok guys, i'm going to lay down on the sofa, and contemplate the night. It's just like old times, sang by Diane Keaton in Manhattan.

jueves, 20 de abril de 2006

Hotel California

Maybe I should apologise for too many days without writing, specially in English. You know, when you have my excellent writing skills, you need to write in a language you master, and that's Spanish to me.

Anyway, I'm listening to Hotel California by the Eagles with Eric Clapton, a really sweet take. Actually I was, now it's Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton with Mark Knopfler. Lately, I've been playing with aMule (the mac version of eMule I told you, jojito) and Acquisition (the p2p client for mac I also told you, jojete) to find cover songs. So I take this song I really like, and then I look for other groups or artists that have played it. Like with Norah Jones singing Love me tender (even though Ana says she likes Elvis "the King" Prestley better -but she has these annoying things, the same ones that also make her so adorable).

It's frecquent that those things that annoy us of our friends, are also what we like about them. I'm thinking, for instance, of the stubbornness of Joaquin, the slowness of José, the stinginess (if the word exists) of Piotr. People from Ihouse Hotel, California. Speaking of cover songs, remember how we sang Hotel California with Ihouse instead of Hotel? It was first going down the hill (it was also the first time I met -a), and we also sang Yellow Submarine with the lyrics "we all live in the ihouse berkeley" instead of "we all live in a yellow submarine".

You have to say "berkeley" as if you read in Spanish, otherwise it doesn't work. It was great.

(by the way José, I would appreciate it if you could email me the song we invented)

jueves, 13 de abril de 2006

Periodismo / Journalism

Leo en El Pais este titular en portada: "El despliegue de las tropas en Irak costó al erario público 260 millones de euros". La noticia informa a continuación de que 9 españoles y 10 iraquíes fallecieron como consecuencia de tal despliegue de tropas. Supongo que el titular "El despliegue de las tropas en Irak se cobró 19 vidas humanas" no era tan interesante.

En el mundo de hoy, lo malo de la guerra no es que muera gente, si no que cuesta demasiado dinero.

I read on El Pais the following headline: "The sending of troops to Irak cost 260€ millions". We are then told that 9 Spanish and 10 Irakis died due to the Spanish presence on Irak. I suppose that the headline "The sending of troops to Irak cost 19 human lives" was not as interesting.

Nowadays, what is wrong about war is not that people die, but that it's too expensive.

miércoles, 5 de abril de 2006


Esta noche volvió a haber charla entre físicos en casa. Se volvió a liar una discusión entre ellos, entre Ellos, y a ratos conseguí entender algo y me puse contento, y a ratos no entendía nada y desconectaba y me fijaba en los rizos negros de la única chica presente, o en el número de cigarrillos que quedaban en mi paquete de Camel.

Es interesante el papel de la física como entretenimiento. Es un juego complicado que, verdaderamente, a veces puede entretener infinitamente, igual que practicar un solo de guitarra hasta que consigues tocarlo de puta madre e incluso puedes empezar a introducir tus propias variaciones, y suenan bien.

A veces me pregunto si no hubiera hecho mejor practicando mis solos de guitarra en vez de dedicar cuatro años a estudiar como encajan un conjunto indefinido de fórmulas matemáticas. En el fondo, sería lo mismo. Todo es cuestión de encontrar algo que te entretenga, que te haga pasar el tiempo.

Qué estúpida, en el fondo y en la forma, es la vida del intelectual. Puro entretenimiento contra el misterio irresoluble, contra la insignificancia de la vida de uno mismo. Cuando me pongo a pensar, me dan ganas de cerrar este blog.