sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2003

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer

Dear Joaquin, I bought two Coronas and two good Spanish beers to have a nice night watching football down here in Barcelona, and then hopefully write something worthwhile. I am home alone, so happy, and so sad.

Chuck Berry

This is the name of the famous rock and roll man... but Chuck Berry started, like almost everything in this world, with the blues. I recently found this purely blues CD of his, Run Around, and can't stop listening to it. There this song, Sweet Sixteen, a fine, simple, austere, exact, elegant blues, a real blues after all, that goes something like this for the first part:

Sweet sixteen
Sweet sixteen
Sweet sixteen
Sweet sixteen
You're the sweetest little babe
That I've ever seen

Chuck repeats "sweet sixteen" four times, one for each blues phrase, and it is just perfect. There's no way someone else can play it. It's his voice, it's his soul. This song is just made for him, he is just made for this song, for this two words that from Chuck's mouth become the highest form of art. Better than art, feeling. Feeling that you can feel deep inside your bones. Sometimes, a CD track comes back to remind you what life is capable of.

Being serious means you can't be funny most of the time

Yeah, that's a bad thing... you get your money at the end of the month, but you leave the things you like (friends and blogs, friends and beer, etc.) for the weekend. Exactly what I am doing now.
I remember that I hated my first teenage job as a shop assistant until I received my first weekly paycheck... Suddenly, I found myself with 100$, Saturday night, after working 60 hours, ... no time to think I was so tired and I was being paid so low...

I am a serious man now

Yes, I am a serious man now, and still can figure out whether I like it or not.
Well, so, my "seriousness" is just that I got a serious job, first one in my life.
So you see, I'm 25 and I have a job with no exact title... I work at the Operations
Department of a dotcom company that creates all these websites to find employment and masters and postgraduate courses...
I think it's funny that, after using all these tools to find a job online, I end up working for a jobs website...

jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2003

What the prince knows

Today I read an interview with this cool aristocrat named Jose Luis de Vilallonga... he had a life like I would like to have: plenty of money because he has some noble title, and a life devoted to acting (they say he even made it with Ava Gadner), writing and eating. Anyway, he is a kind of "alternative" spokeman for the king. When he was asked about the imminent marriage of the prince and a "middle class girl", he said it was good that the prince married a girl who knows how much is a bottle of milk and a metro ticket. Cause the prince doesn't know, he said. I liked that.

domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2003

Joaquin the bad boy

Ok, now I see, it was just Joaquim who posted the comment of the 7th of November. You see, he always likes to be misterious, but the IP address is always there. What I still can't really imagine is that, because of my blog, he lost his time looking for the domain of Letizia on eBay. I certainly have a strong influence on his personality. That's how I am.

A ticket to California

The other day I was waiting in the line to buy a ticket in the train station. The guy before me was young and quite nervous, he asked me a couple of times whether he was in the right line to buy tickets. His girlfriend was by him. Finally, it's the guy's time to buy the ticket, so he tells the ticket seller: "A ticket to Galicia" (Galicia is a region in Spain, where Joselito's past remains, kind of like saying "a ticket to California" in the US). I thought it was cool. "A ticket to Galicia". So the ticket seller answered: "So you want a ticket to ALL Galicia at the same time, or to a PARTICULAR place?". Then the guy realised his mistake and everything became quite boring, just usual ticket selling.

I forgot the title in the last post

Well, the title could simply be "shit", which is always attractive.
Shit! Look at the first post of the 7th of November (so the last one when you scroll down). Somebody posted a very funny comment. How the hell did he/she ended up in my page? Is that because I added some meta tags with "Letizia Ortiz desnuda" (Naked Letizia Ortiz, Letizia Ortiz being the next queen of Spain, if nothing turns out wrong) as keywords? Or is it just dear old Joselito, geeking around? I don't know, but I'm kind of impressed (and I have the flu too, still!)

viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2003

Now it turns out you can put the title

See? It's too long since I didn't mess a bit with blogger... that until now I haven't discovered that there's a title feature. So there it goes. I'm known for being an excellent title finder.
Well, for the last couple of days I haven't moved from home. Apparently, I have the flu. A professor I had once used to say that the shot to prevent you from getting the flu was a thing of the powerful so you never skip working days cause you're ill with the flu. A sort of marxist interpretation, I dare say. He went on to say that actually having the flu is "healthy", because you have time to relax home, reading in the sofa, and with all the aspirins and stuff you don't really suffer much from fever or body pain. So I should be happy, then. Yeah, I'm happy to have the flu. Screw the capitalists that want to shot us with the western medicines so we don't get the flu. I'm happy, I have the flu, and all my muscles hurt, and my head aches, and my body's hot, and I can't read a page without getting tired.
This days, you have to include the following sentence in your webpage in order to get in the first page of google: "fotos de Letizia Ortiz desnuda" or "Letizia Ortiz en top less" or "Todo sobre la vida de Letizia Ortiz".... you might have guessed that Letizia Ortiz (some people write Leticia Ortiz) has something to do with it. Well, it does, I mean she does, because it has just been announced that she will be the next queen of Spain, I mean she is going to marry the prince of Spain, and then when the king dies and all this bla bla bla...

martes, 4 de noviembre de 2003

I am of those who thinks that technology can't bring you anything unless you use it properly in the proper context... Last week, the put in prison a guy in China because he published his essays on the net... Is that the "information society" we are all so proud of? Where is the supposedly inherent freedom of the Internet?