jueves, 30 de octubre de 2003

So today I did something quite cool, or maybe not. I bought a domain name! Yes, that's what I did, it's the first time I own some kind of space somewhere. But it's not the "owning" what makes me happy... (well, maybe yes, maybe i am a neoliberal) because actually i put it on sale right after i bought it (which makes me even more neolineral, damn it!)
Anyway, as an internet surfer, you know, i have the dream of doing something here sometime, so i started with a capital of 6 euros to buy a domain name... And the name is.... is..... www.areabarcelona.com
I hope to fill it with something with it really soon... maybe i will just start by putting this weblog there, keeping the fruitman blogspot, of course! (a fruitman never gives up!) So ideas are welcome, as always (and everytime i write something like this i know my message will at most get to joaquin or jose... Am I right??? Ok, in the meantime do not forget to visit Bernardo's crappy page.

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