miércoles, 28 de enero de 2004

A tale

There was a kid that was given a watch. The next morning, the watch had dissapeared. The kid's parents had hidden it from him, so he would learn how it feels to lose things. But the kid never recovered from that sudden lost watch, and walked his life forever with a sad, melancholic walk. Why the watch had suddenly been taken away from him, the same way it was suddenly given to him? Why everything in life ended up being so similar to the misterious watch? And the kid's parents always wondered whether they had been too cruel with him.
(just had this idea while i was watching tv... you decide if there's any meaning there, i mean in the tale)

domingo, 25 de enero de 2004


Well, literature has always been about reading. Why nobody encourages us to write? Why literature at school is most of the time about reading, and writing about what you read? Why is literature about reading? And why is it about books?

sábado, 17 de enero de 2004

Ordinary stuff

I'm just gonna watch a soccer match with a beer and a pack of chips.

Reading webblogs

I stopped reading a friend of mine's weblog (by the way, it's time I ask him whether he allows me to link him or not) for some time. Not that I wanted to, but I was kind of forced to. You know, too much work. Well, the thing is that today I went back to it, and it felt kind of weird. Since I hadn't read it for almost a week, I felt kinda lost. Many things had been going on in the blog, and so I felt a bit like an outsider, or even a voyeur. I was just suddenly getting into his life, and you know, I've been knowing this guy for a long time...! But somehow, one week was enough for me to lose the sense of belonging to the blog's world, to be a part of it, and not an spectator.
So I decided I will print out the blog's last week entries and read them in bed. Some printed paper to read before falling asleep should be a faster way back to the blog's world. Or shouldn't it? Would a PhD dissertation with the title "On the role of the community on the writing of a blog, and viceversa, on the role of a blog on the formation of a community" make any sense, apart from being a dissertation with a long and (not very much, now that I read it) ingeniuous title?

The cool cities

The cool cities are those where you can do very expensive things for very little money. London and Barcelona are two of them, and to some extent I think Berkeley-SF-BayArea (the other place I've lived for some time) is too.
For instance, in Barcelona you can go and watch, like I did the other day, Notorius (by Alfred HitchCock) at the cinema for 66 cents. It's not only that it's ridiculously cheap but, where can you watch Notorius at the cinema nowadays?
Then, in London, they have this very nice thing called "stand by tickets" for the theatre. The thing is that, if you wanna watch a theatre play or a musical but don't have 30 or even 50 quids (80 euros) to spend, then you can always go there and wait till 5 minutes before the play starts. Then, you might get very cheap tickets at the theatre's box office. Or, as it happened to me once, you might find a lady who bought 20 tickets for a groups of tourists, and then the tourists didn't show up. She sold me two first row tickets for "The Woman in Black" for only 12 quid! Just the money we had in our pockets. And there you had us, first row tickets and no money in our pockets. This things make cities great.