viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2003

Well, for the last couple of days I haven't moved from home. Apparently, I have the flu. A professor I had once used to say that the shot to prevent you from getting the flu was a thing of the powerful so you never skip working days cause you're ill with the flu. A sort of marxist interpretation, I dare say. He went on to say that actually having the flu is "healthy", because you have time to relax home, reading in the sofa, and with all the aspirins and stuff you don't really suffer much from fever or body pain. So I should be happy, then. Yeah, I'm happy to have the flu. Screw the capitalists that want to shot us with the western medicines so we don't get the flu. I'm happy, I have the flu, and all my muscles hurt, and my head aches, and my body's hot, and I can't read a page without getting tired.

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