jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2003


What could I write for the last four minutes of my lunch break?
Just that: I found the perfect place in Barcelona to listen to good live music. It's the Taller de músics jazz&blues club (click on club, that's the bad thing about frames: get it, jose? ... I don't even ask Joaquin, I know he doesn't know about this kind of stuff).
Every day they have a different jam session devoted to a particular style: jazz, blues, latin jazz, flamenco jazz, etc.
There are two floors, so you can sit upstairs for a perfect view, and to avoid being hurted by a flying bottle of beer (just like in Prague, joaquinsito).
You can smoke as much pot as you want.
If you bring in your own instrument, you can always play.
Voice is also considered an instrument.
And it's just two euros, beer included.
Ok, that's all. Work again.

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