sábado, 17 de enero de 2004

Reading webblogs

I stopped reading a friend of mine's weblog (by the way, it's time I ask him whether he allows me to link him or not) for some time. Not that I wanted to, but I was kind of forced to. You know, too much work. Well, the thing is that today I went back to it, and it felt kind of weird. Since I hadn't read it for almost a week, I felt kinda lost. Many things had been going on in the blog, and so I felt a bit like an outsider, or even a voyeur. I was just suddenly getting into his life, and you know, I've been knowing this guy for a long time...! But somehow, one week was enough for me to lose the sense of belonging to the blog's world, to be a part of it, and not an spectator.
So I decided I will print out the blog's last week entries and read them in bed. Some printed paper to read before falling asleep should be a faster way back to the blog's world. Or shouldn't it? Would a PhD dissertation with the title "On the role of the community on the writing of a blog, and viceversa, on the role of a blog on the formation of a community" make any sense, apart from being a dissertation with a long and (not very much, now that I read it) ingeniuous title?

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