lunes, 4 de julio de 2005


Hello, yes, I'm alive. Many things have kept me from writing delicious short pieces these days.
1. i'm leaving on holidays in a week
2. i had dinner twice at my brand new old appartment
3. seems like today somebody tried to break into my brand new old appartment
4. trouble with my bank accounts: my debit card works on every atm machine except for the atm machines of my bank
5. i have to paint the balcony and the bathroom, but i only painted half of the door of my room
6. i fell in love with landiman's brand new iMac and his pirated copy of Final Cut
7. i went to barcelona's digital film festival and, after watching the pieces that made it to the final round, realised i can be an excelent digital film director
8. i stayed up until six in the morning with jorge talking about physics and smoking pot: we figured out the easiest way to explain why the speed of light is the same from every reference system
9. with torjman, we developped the concept of digital shit hole: "dishithole"
Ok, enough.

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