jueves, 11 de agosto de 2005

First and last

First post I write from my rented apartment. Today I brought in the bed (still didn't build it though) and I felt so tired I just decided to stay.
Last, well, it might be the last post I write... with my good old laptop. I didn't want to write about it, because I knew I would feel nostalgic if I did. But I guess g.o.l. deserves it. It's been two years since we met. I was about to leave to London. G.o.l. was such a good company there. It played Friends and Southpark for me on the nights I was feeling tired. It played Bowling for colombine the day I took my last masters' exam. I wrote my dissertation. I started this blog, and for two years I've been writing it almost entirely from this very same keyboard.
But only now, when I am about to sell it, I write about g.o.l. The laptop that never had a name, until it was sold. Maybe I shouldn't sell it: but you know, they pay quite a good money for it, and next year nobody will even want to get it for free. Yes, I am giving g.o.l. the last chance to cost some money. That should make it feel young, one last time.

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