domingo, 16 de octubre de 2005

la la la

I had the strangest day, but somehow I didn't really enjoy. Too many people it's too superficial. Besides, I'm not really into meeting new people lately: rather, I want time to be alone and just think of myself. Like now, finally, at 4:13am, having eaten a marijuana cookie that's not doing anything on me.

I had the longest chat with joaquin yesterday, over messenger, with font 16 so I could read what we wrote while sitting comfortably on landiman's wonderful little armchair, my legs relaxed on the table. It was almost until 7am, but what do you care, right? I do, that's why I write: so I'll remember later on: months later, I'll read that and will look for the saved chat, and read it over.

Actually, maybe that's what i'll do now. To end this strange day that, finally, was able to give me some peace. For that, and for Luca's imagination, it was worth it.

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