domingo, 10 de diciembre de 2006

Raval walking

rambla del raval

You wake up on a sunny saturday morning, you go have your coffee and a croissant. Then you're free to walk and take some pictures.

I can't think of anything better.

Check out my Raval Walking set of pictures

3 comentarios:

  1. oh, the raval!
    you are crossing this place so often, but me, i was here for seven times maybe. and now i have to get rid of a beautiful experience of mine. no, i won´t tell you about the ugly girl from sweden, who wanted to rape the ugly hungarian guy. i wanna write about the two wonderful catalan ladies, sitting in the coffee next to me. you know the coffee at the end of the raval in the direction to the sea? at the corner on the left side. with big windows looking to the sqare. and i was reading something. i forgot what. i forgot, because next to me, the two ladies had a nice conversation in a language i don´t speak. i wanted to ask them what they are talking about. but the coffee was pushing my heart to fast. so i went back to tamarit. frustrated but somehow happy.
    thanks for the fotos!

  2. thanks, my dear hungarian astronaut. i'm glad you could remember, and enjoy! see you soon :)

  3. Guauu,

    Now I am really jealous: my second best friend (the astronaut) writing those poems in the blog of my housband! hey gays, this is absolutely too much for me!

    PS: I still love you both...