viernes, 28 de marzo de 2008

Growing up online

Some months ago I decided to sign up for Facebook. Like in every other social network, very fast I had gathered some contacts and could start interacting online.

This is quite a thing, you know. I mean the internet is so intertwined in our lives that you sign up for an online community, and you already find people you know there, in that very same moment, willing to share some stuff.

However, some days later I forgot about Facebook. I had to. I mean, somebody even sent me a pillow fight request. So, I had to turn off email notifications, I couldn't cope with it. I mean, lately I don't even have time to write on this blog.

But I forgot that, even though I was not receiving email alerts, I was still on facebook. And today I learnt that a friend had asked me to come by my place via facebook, and so I missed it. I signed in facebook when she told me that, and I saw that I had a couple more requests to see me OFFline.

So I guess I am starting to miss things that happen on online platforms I am not used to use. I am a kind of old, email-type of guy. I am old for the internet, already.

Man. Good that I am going to a wedding tomorrow. I mean, makes me feel younger. :)

2 comentarios:

  1. That guy11:55 p. m.

    Man, you can't check every minute every new way of communication on the internet... They are supposed to make communication easier, not more difficult. Besides, when I leave messages for people it's my responsibility to leave them in a way that I know will be noticed. Signing up for something does not imply an unspoken contract of paying attention to it!

    Say I leave a note for you in a small paper. Would I leave it just somewhere (if you have a table, then you must use it every day), or decide where you are more likely to find it?

  2. that's a very good point, i like your point of view. somehow, what i need is a central point of communication. maybe, where i can see all the messages coming from my different places online.

    thanks for the comment, very illuminating!