martes, 16 de marzo de 2004

About 11-M (2)

The second one from Puerta del Sol blog.

"Zapatero (Sunday 14 March elected new president of Spain) has called for all Spain's political parties to meet to develop a common strategy against terrorism. He has also reiterated his intention to remove Spanish troops from Iraq on June 30, referring to the war in Iraq as a "disaster which has only generated more disaster". When asked by a foreign journalist whether, when a terrorist attack changes an election result, it isn't a victory for terrorism, he replied that the foreign media should understand that in Spain, there was a desire for change.

Workers at the Efe press agency, the state TV channel RTVE and the local channel TeleMadrid have lodged official complaints about the censorship and manipulation that their work was subjected to during coverage of the bombings and its aftermath. They are demanding resignations."

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