jueves, 8 de abril de 2004

Loading the car

So there was this guy (or so I read) loading his car trunk, you know, suitcases, bags, groceries, etc. everything to go out on a week's holiday with his wife, daughter and son. To their apartment by the sea. What we call a dominguero.
Well, the thing is he started loading the car, and at some point (or so I read) the man realises that it's impossible to fit all the stuff inside the car. There's just too much stuff. He tries different combinations of the luggage, but there's no way.
The guy is sweating, the guy's swearing. He was sure. It was just a matter of time, but he was sure someday he would not be able to staff all the stuff into the car. The man swears again, now his wife's mother is involved. The bitch. She just leaves all the bags there for him to colocate them. And plenty of milk. 10 bottles. Like there was no milk where they go. And the kids. With the stupid videogames and mattresses for the beach.
There are three possible endings for this story (or so I read) but I have to go and take the train back home now. Today, I start my holidays!

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