lunes, 23 de agosto de 2004


With my left hand still hurting, today I shaved my face and made my way into a week of deep philosophical thinking about how the coming months will change my present life. An indian guy told me in Hong Kong that the next three months will be very important to me (according to someone, though, he was only trying to get some money from me... so I left the indian guy, not without fearing that he would curse me) Whenever I shave, something is going on. The state of the art is basically this one:
1) I have a job that's not really satisfying, both at the material and philosophical level. However, it's a job and if I work hard I might get a raise soon.
2) I cannot really figure out a job that's satisfying enough (options include: content management at an online newspaper, web usability at a consultancy company, online marketing at an advertising agency)
3) I started a PhD that is now demanding a dissertation plan, but about what? And with what funds? And with what energy, time and willingness given that there are no funds?
4) There's a 1000 euro postgradutate course on online journalism, web usability and content management: looks attractive and the possibilities of getting employment contacts are high... but is that the way I want to walk? Will I also get bored of that working field? (as you can see, 2 is directly related to 4)
Anyway, the thing is that it is monday, the beggining of my deep philosophical thinking week, and after shaving the progress to some tangible results has been awesome. I now have 4 options. I hope tomorrow I have many more. I am still not excited enough.

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