sábado, 29 de abril de 2006

Back to old times...

It was a long time since i didn't sit in front of the computer totally relaxed like now, half stoned, half drunk, and with nothing to do but waste time. How delicious it is to waste time, even if it's been said so many times that now it seems repetitive and dull to say it like it was something worth saying. But the thing is that it is delicious to feel like i do.

Anyway, i was going to go to the cinema, but i could have only made it to "volver" by almodovar, which was no good because today we had decided to go and watch it tomorrow together, javi and me. just that you understand me better, javi, i feel as relaxed and satisfied with the world as the trousers that pack elisa's legs in.

Ok guys, i'm going to lay down on the sofa, and contemplate the night. It's just like old times, sang by Diane Keaton in Manhattan.

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