jueves, 15 de julio de 2004

Loft, feng shui, orchata, ping-pong

Today I visited my friend Al at his new appartment. It's a 40m2 loft
with a lot of light and a cute bar separating the kitchen from the
living-bed room. However, Al wants to separate the bedroom from
the dinning room, because it turns out that the "loft" concept is now
outdated. Nowadays, it turns out, you have to look for the feng shui
concept, and that implies capturing the "chi" around us. So, maybe
putting some curtains between the bed and the living room might achieve
a better chi balance. I don't know. Maybe he could check with these feng shui consultants.

After this loft-feng shui debate, we had a walk around the neighbourhood and drank an excellent orchata
at Sirvent, and then we started talking about how Al has been lately
playing games he hadn't played since childhood. I was happily surprised
by Al's confession, since lately I have also been playing lots of games
long forgotten since childhood. We didn't quite find a reason for this
common feeling of ours, and thus made an appointment to play ping-pong next week.

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