martes, 6 de julio de 2004

One more quote for the road by Jose Alfredo

My friend Jose Alfredo says this when writing about some piece of code he is developing: "No te preocupes por ellos si todo funciona; si hay algo que no va, entonces el error dirá qué es lo que falta."
... which should be something like this in English: "Do not worry about them if everything works fine. If something doesn't work, then the error will tell you what is lacking"
Ah, if we could always know what the "error" is! ...
Where is the "error" when I look for him/her? (interesting: is error male or female?)
And when I find him/her, why doesn't he/she seem to speak with clear, understandable words, or just speak at all?
Interesting thoughts attack my mind whenever I take a sentence out of its original context... You are very inspiring to me, Jose Alfredo! Yes you are!
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