sábado, 22 de julio de 2006

Roadhouse blues

Came back home late at night, driving my car. I turned on the radio, RN3, broadcasting from FIB... thought of Torjman, must be having fun with Pixies, the asshole...

I had spent the whole evening packing at my grandpa's, hundreds of books and movies... I can't help reading a bit of every book or dvd before buring it deep inside the box of indeterminate time, so packing took me almost 5 hours. Anyway, it felt really good packing and reading, thinking this was a sweet present from my grandpa, looking at the empty flat, throwing away the rotten food in the refrigerator.

And then the radio played Roadhouse blues, a dreadful cover with Echo and the Bunnymen. And so I decided it was time to go home, fast, really fast, and tune The Doors on the iTunes. And so I did, and I'm listening to Roadhouse Blues now, by The Doors, and the world is fine again. I can sleep.

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