martes, 7 de septiembre de 2004


I just wrote about Ian and his trip from Argentina southern to Alaska on foot. He's done Argentina so far, a year walking. The site's really worth checking. Here are a few words from the homepage:
"My destination? Alaska. That's a physical goal, and it'll happen. I've found another, a better destination: being who I am at any given moment, in any given place, with any given person"
You can also find the answers to the fourth questions he's been asked more often so far:
"Why in hell would you want to do that?"
"Why don't you just drive, dude?"
"You're gonna die, man!"
"Is there a cause? You gotta have a cause
And so from the textlinks you get "In hell, just drive, die, you gotta have a cause". Nice sentence (I insist, this blog is experimenting with a circular, postmodernist attempt to metaliterature)

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