lunes, 4 de abril de 2005

A weekend of food and sleep

This weekend I slept around 25 hours in two days. And I had the following food:

-two plates of jabugo ham
-two plates of sea food paella
-8 pieces of barbecue lamb
-3 baked potatoes
-lots of salad and several pork delicatessen
-a sort of calzone filled with spinach and things I don't know how to name
-just picked vegetables, including beans, peas, asparragus and wild onions
-three plates of macarroni with meat and cheese (made by my grandma, man!)
-loads of lobster
-roast beef
-smashed potatoes and baked apples
-a good bowl of fruit salad (straberries and banana)
-cake (two kinds of, including the famous "chocolate and banana cake" that -a likes so much she would kill for it)
-a crepe of beichamel, onion and bacon
-several glasses of red wine
-a mojito

Man, I'm so full.

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