lunes, 6 de agosto de 2007

Jose Alfredo Cañizo Rincon, PhD

My dearest friend Jose Alfredo Cañizo Rincon earned his PhD some months ago, with the magnetic title Some problems related to the study of interaction kernels: coagulation, fragmentation and diffusion in kinetic and quantum equations.

I guess this is the first link to his work (at least the first catalan link), something I am obviously proud of.

Anyway, here's the frontpage of his thesis, like José Alfredo says, with the flair of "those old books that Lebesgue or Riemann used to write" (quote: Cañizo Rincon, email, 6th August 2007).

jose alfredo cañizo rincon, phd thesis

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  1. El de marras2:17 a. m.

    ¡Diosss qué impresión, no estaba preparado para encontrarme esto! Ahora nadie creerá que soy imparcial si hablo de ti por los mentideros de internet.

    I must say this is a completely objective and uninfluenced review of my work by one of the few remaining independent and original thinkers of our time, the fact of him being Catalan having no relevance to this whatsoever.

  2. i can confirm, objectively.