miércoles, 4 de junio de 2003

Ah, if you want to see the naked cowboy, check this out:
-his webpagewww.nakedcowboy.com: didn't work when i tried it, maybe it does when you do
-pictures of him with a can of beans. It turns out that there's a website, Beans around the world, with the educational mission of presenting pictures of beans in the most peculiar places of the world. Certainly naked cowboy is one of them.
-finally, a priceless quote from him: "At the University of Cincinnati, a friend used me as a visual aid in speech class, then I went through Teachers College and the Engineering building. I got ushered out and told not to come back. Good thing I have my degree.”
What sort of visual aid can nakedcowboy be? Anyway, as he wittingly says, he's got his degree.

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