lunes, 9 de junio de 2003

Ok, now for a bit of thinking...

Ok, here it is, a thought: "that the internet is truly great"
Yeah, not very original, you might say, but you have to understand that my precious child is starting to become visited by other people than my friends and my sister (to whom, by the way, I say hi) ... and this simple things can make a guy like me happy.

So I go prepare some dinner, but before start a new kind of post... "Cooking posts" I will here explain what I eat, and more importantly, how I prepare it :)
It would actually be great to maintain a blogsite with cooking recipes... here's an idea, for the ones looking for one. And for the others, here's what I'm going to prepare now:

"The Fruitman pasta"

Fry in a pan some onion (the violet one is great, but others will do), and add before it is brown some chopped mushrooms and crougette. Then some bacon in little pieces. Let everything cook together, slowly.

Boil some pasta (I usually eat 200 grams, but my ex flatmates think this is enough for two people... anyway, the fruitman pasta demands that you get really really full, so sink the 200 grams in the water)

When the pasta is cooked, remove the water and put it again in the pot. Immediately after add the stuff from the pan, which by now should be well cooked, and a raw egg. Mix everything with care, but effectively. The egg should slowly start to become compact. To ensure that this is so, I usually mix everything with the pot still on the hot stove.

Some black pepper and salt, and the fruitman pasta is ready to eat. Enjoy!

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