jueves, 26 de junio de 2003

that's just a comment i posted in quackin (by the way, master quacker, congratulations for adding the comments feature to your blog), and then i thought i'd publish it here too:

"oh, i really wish i could go to moe's and read every day... here there are no bookstores like moe's. but come to think about it, where is there any bookstore like moe's? what i found is a very old bookstore that has a secret stairway to the basement, where they have the complete penguin collection of paperbacks... it really stinks down there, but i felt really british surrounded by the wisdom that the penguin collection holds in its endless pages. shit, i'm gonna put that in my blog!"

moe's is THE bookstore in Berkeley.... and the penguin collection, well, you'd better know what it is.

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