miércoles, 4 de junio de 2003

"Blogging and demonstrating go together in a certain way. Blogging is partly based on hyperlinks, reinforcing the feeling that you are part of something bigger. Demonstrating is also based on human hyperlinks, materializing the need for fraternity." That's what the author of Fraternet says.
What is true is that new tecnology is becoming more and more important in journalism. A person with a minimal interest, can compare several accounts of an event in the internet: mainstream newspapers, more independent ones, and finally "individual newspapers", i.e. blogs.
In the last G8 summit people where sending pictures to websites with their cellphones, which have become an essential coordination tool among the protesters. So essential some say authorities will try to block the wireless network in the next massive demonstrations.
In the future, 3G wireless will mean that people will be able to send video directly to the net from wherever they are. Hence, you won't need to watch only what CNN news has to broadcast. People in the very same place of events will be able to broadcast for the world.
Anyway, up to now blogsites are not much more than geeky corners, but everything has a start... how many people used to read newspapers in the internet 10 years ago?

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