lunes, 2 de junio de 2003

Yesterday, 39-year old protester Shaw, from London, fell from a motorway bridge after a policeman cut the rope he was hanging from while trying to hang up a banner. There was a brief paragraph dedicated to him in The Guardian today In the Spanish El Mundo, the piece of news was a bit longer. For instance, it explained that the man broke one leg and rib, and is still in hospital. It also explained that a girl also hanging from the bridge could be saved by her mates before anything happened. Finally, it explains that the policeman declared that he "didn't know that somebody was hanging from the rope". Could he be more sarcastic? It's quite easy to know when somebody is hanging from a rope, it's just more tense, and therefore easier to cut. A loose rope is very difficult to cut. But looks like the policeman did not know that, and probably his excuse will be enough to let him free.
Because, will we ever know anything else about this policeman? We know the answer, even though his methods sadly reminded me of Reservoir Dogs. Cut the rope. Like a bad guy from a holywood movie.

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