domingo, 1 de junio de 2003

A piece of what you can find in Salam Pax's blog:
"Pool side at Hamra hotel. Where every journalist wishes he had a room reserved. If they sit long enough there they could just forget that there was a war going on outside the hotel fences. Jennifer Lopez squeaking out of the speakers and cool $5 beers with over priced burgers and salads. “Please put these ICG reports aside I would rather work on my tan”. Stuff like that. They come in carrying cameras, sound gear or big folders with a red cross on them. Minutes later they are sipping on a beer wearing as little as they can."

It reminded me of an excellent novel by Arturo Pérez Reverte, Territorio Comanche. In English it means something like "War territory". It's about the experience of the author (who used to be a war reporter for Spanish State TV) as a war reporter in the Bosnia war. Very short, very sharp, straight to the point. The whole novel is told by a journalist waiting for a bridge to be bombed.
There's no English translation, but you can try watching the DVD of the movie (by the way, and English translation would make a hell of a lot of sense nowadays) Reverte is quite famous in the US, actually I saw him in person for the first time when he presented a book in a library in Berkeley. Quite funny that me, a Spaniard, had to met Reverte in the US.

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