sábado, 7 de febrero de 2004

Belo Horizonte

Two days ago, this Brazlinian workmate invited me in the restaurant to sit and eat with her an her friend. Their table was too small for the three of us, so they offered to move to a bigger table (Brazilian hospitality, you know)
As we ate and talked, I couldn't help telling her that I once lived a year with a Brazilian, my beloved and now far away Bernardo. She asked where Bernardo was from in Brazil, and when I replied "Belo Horizonte", she sighed "oh, Belo Horizonte". I don't really know what that "oh, Belo Horizonte" was supposed to mean, but I tell you it really fitted the conversation. I think it fitted more than any careful description of the beautiful sights in the city.
Now this Bernardo doesn't read my blog anymore. He prefers gay literature. I hate him. I hate him so very very much.
Isn't this blog gay enough for you, Bernardo ????!!!!????

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