martes, 10 de febrero de 2004

The Internet, a place for the exchange of knowledge

Some time ago, I told you about my little sociological experiment: in the meta tags of this webpage, I included the words "Letizia", "Ortiz", "desnuda" ("naked", in Spanish) and "top less". Letizia Ortiz is the woman that is going to marry the prince of Spain next summer: the future queen of Spain, in other words.
Well, the thing is that (as I suspected) half of the "visitors" of this website find it by typing "Letizia Ortiz desnuda" and "Letizia Ortiz topless" in the Google and the Terra search engines (see, for example, this search).
Now I am thinking that maybe what I did is illegal, and the courts of Spain will knock on my door's house to put me in jail. Sad ending for a fruitman. This posting is to certify that it was only a sociological experiment, and a very meaningful one, I believe.

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