lunes, 2 de mayo de 2005

Exercising and looking for a flat

I came home, turned on my computer, played bob dylan and started to exercise. Total outcome: 300 sit ups. My stomach aches like hell now. But it had to be done. Today, and tomorrow, and the other, and the other... until my belly dissappears.
After killing myself with the sit ups, I did some more killing by looking for flats. I found one: 125,000 euros, near the train station in a sweet village 5 minutes from the office... It could not be true. I called. The woman said "it's a bit small, it's 17 square meters." I said ok, i'll get back to you. I hate life. I hate it so much. Unless.... I find a way to stuck myself in 17 fucking square meters. What da ya think?

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