martes, 10 de mayo de 2005

Jazzy night

The day was kind of boring. You know: usual office stuff. You know: one of those days you wanna come back home as soon as possible to hug your teddy bear. I came back home and there was no teddy bear, but a message from landiman was waiting on my cellphone.

And so I did: jazzy night at Jamboree with Landiman, Torjman and Mr. Palace. Landiman is in love, Mr. Palace very talkative and Torjman, well, he's the one that reads the blog but never leaves any comments. Will you this time, torj? (hope you slept well, anyways ;)

Jamboree is a great place to be, even though the beer got up to 5 fucking euros. We listened to jazz sitting on the floor and smoking casual cigarretes. Beautiful women all over were reminding us of our loneliness. How many beatiful women fit inside Jamboree? Countless...

Jazz and beautiful women. That's Jamboree, and I love it.

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