domingo, 8 de mayo de 2005

Round day

Today was just perfect from 6pm, quite a good deal if you consider I woke up at 3pm. After showering myself exhaustively, I headed off with -j and torjman to watch j's sweetheart dance. And she did good, really. It was at a village 20 mins from Barcelona. After the dance, typical catalan style they told me, we were dragged to the correfoc (sort of "fire runner"...)

The correfoc is, I was told, a catalan tradition that goes as follows:

1) you protect yourselve with old clothes all over and a scarf covering your face.
2) you go to a street full of people with fire crackers and those sticks that throw fire sparks in every possible direction
3) there are also several dragons that throw fire sparks through the big big mouth and the wings and the tail
4) you are in the street, surrounded by fire and the smell of powder and the smoke, and you can't but run and scream inside and outside

At the end of the correfoc I entered a football court where everybody was getting into. Suddenly, surrounded by all the smoke, I saw those men. Fuck, I saw a line of six men each one with this big fucking gun. That's it, I thought. I screwed up. And then one of those crazy men shooted the gun. And the other, and the other. It was really a scaring experience, but here I am safe.

Anyway, after that it was time to have dinner, and dinner we had. At the park of the village, a big slice of bread full of tomato, and a long sausage and a glass of beer for 3 euros. And then a little bit of pot: the right amount to make it all so perfect. And the cold air, and the conversation under the stars and the orchestra playing some music. And the wet green grass, and me thinking how much I missed you there, and how much we would laugh at that moment together.

And well, everything seemed to finish there, at 2am, when torjman and me were coming back to Barcelona, me driving still with some pot inside my brain. But safe, really safe man, I was so perfectly precise. So I drove torjman home, and then thought "Ktur".

"Are you still having that party tonight, ktur?" "Sure I do, give me a ring when you're home and I'll throw you the keys from the balcony"

And well, I parked two blocks from ktur's, and he threw the keys, and I entered ktur's world at 2:30 am. And alcohol kept filling my veins, and some more pot relaxed my lungs. And I realised why I like ktur so much. Usually, with the people I have the most intelligent conversations, I also have the most absurd ones. And this is absolutely great. I like so much to laugh with people like ktur. And tonight, we laughed, and I chatted with this guy, and this other one, and that black haired girl that speaks russian and english, and well, it all was so cool and yet so close, so natural and so strange, so mine.

And then kel discovered that I copied a verse from Neruda on this blog some days ago. And I smiled to her :)

And now, the first light of this Sunday enters by the window, and Norah Jones is caressing my ears.

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