jueves, 19 de octubre de 2006

For the lazy ones

There's always the love poems generator. Yes, just click there to get your very own computer-generated love poem. I did, and it did this:

"With burning lustful desire and the pain of your absence, I bathe this canvas in my love-soaked thoughts

For the mere thought of sacred union between thy skin and mine, brings electric arcs of animalism within

I crave each lascivious taste of thy silken neck, thy scarlet lips, thy electric eyes

With each tear falling from my eyes like diamonds, I beg to enter thy garden of eternal love"

(by love poems generator)

The last sentence is just so powerful. I beg to enter the garden of eternal love. Suplico entrar en el jardín del amor eterno. Tremendo.

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  2. ok, let´s spin this game: i was translating this wonderful poem by an automatic translater to arabic and then back to english. what comes out is dadaism of the 21st century!

    "Dionysian burning desire and the pain of your absenceany shower this picture in my love-soaked ideas

    the mere thought of thy holy between European skin and Ahlialagoas electricity comes from the animal

    I implore all unholy taste thy Hariri thy neck scarlet lipstick, thy electric eyes

    with the fall of all the tears from the eyes of such Almasarjo enter the garden of thy eternal love"

    With love Chungarianastrout

  3. that's wonderful, marton, my good friend. alex doesn't have your creativity, we miss you.

  4. Anónimo6:58 a. m.

    I, of course, love Marton's creativity, and have therefore pursued in the same fashion, by translating his poem into Japanese and then back.... I seriously wish that Alex could have this kind of creativity... by Ahlialagoas! The garden of eternal love persists!!!!

    Now, even I miss Marton!

    "Craving and the pain my love whose Dionysian of your absence any shower is hot very this image European of the thought of being dampened skin and as for the simply thought of thy holiness between the electricity of Ahlialagoas as for me who come from the animal enter into the garden of thy eternal love deeply the lipstick of crimson of the thy neck of thy Hariri of all immoral tastes, due to falling of all damage from the eye of that kind of Almasarjo which entreats the thy electric eye"

  5. you lasy guy! alex. i understand, that you do not miss me, but you could have written this message in a more polite way.

    i do miss you all. alex, perra, and all the catalunian bastards.

    with love,

  6. Anónimo6:37 p. m.

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