viernes, 14 de mayo de 2004

More on fruitmans of the world

You know I have a passion for searching for fruitmen all over the net. I found this fruitman who is a superhero, or more precisely, "a hero who can transform into fruit to fight crime." Here's the plot of one of his stories:
"Coming across a bank robbery, Fruitman turns into a lemon and temporarily blinds one of the robbers by squirting juice in his eye. However the other robber has escaped with their ill-gotten gains, so Fruitman changes into a tiny blueberry and hides in the blinded crook's pocket. His ride recovers and makes his way back to their hideout. As an orange, Fruitman smashes through the window, and then as a banana he sends the two criminals sliding, knicking them unconscious. Finally as an apple, he calls the police, who come along and arrest them."

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