sábado, 6 de noviembre de 2004

Friday evening-night

[current status: unfortunately, not high at all]
I slept from 8 to 9pm, while my mother was getting ready to go out. I thought of eating something and going to watch, all by myself, Melinda and Melinda. But finally I stayed home, and did what I have done so many times:
1) prepare a big pot of pasta with tomato, green pepper and courgette
2) eat the whole thing in front of TV
I zapped around betten two movies: Cast Away and Smoking Room. I was touched by Cast Away, the moment Tom has to let Wilson-the-soccer-ball go. I thought "why I am toched?" and yet I was touched. I couldn't help thinking of myself being Tom, how many times I've done the things Tom does in the lonely island. I've lived in many desert islands myself, that is the answer. It was 1am already, and I sat on the sofa to watch more TV: time for the light porn movies and the political debates. Ever since we started having local stations here, there's a lot of porn going on friday nights. And heavy one: seems they have to compete for the audience now.
Anyway, you see, it's 2am and still I keep the night alive. Very lightly, though. I think I am going to bed to embrace my Wilson pillow. My mother should be coming back soon. Good night.

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