martes, 2 de noviembre de 2004

Please confirm you are a human bellow

[current status: high]
I just left a comment on a blog, and in order to confirm publishing the system asked me: "Please confirm you are a human bellow". I looked bellow, and there was an image of a strange combination of distorted characters and numbers. I was not confused because I am an experienced internet user, and so I just typed on a field underneath the combination of characters and numbers, and after clicking "publish" the comment was posted.
But then I thought: Isn't that TOO strange? I mean I am high now (sorry Joaquin I cannot send pot through email) but THIS is still TOO strange. What the hell does it mean "Please confirm you are a human bellow"? Because I tell you, I looked bellow and I couldn't tell whether it was human or not. Do they mean there's people who's not human bellow, and these are precisely the ones that are not human? Bellow what? Bellow my belly? Oh man, that's truely human.
But those characters... I mean I wished I was an expert on computer image patterns, just to devise a software who could interpret the distorted characters of the image. Shit. At least, they are quite considered, though: there's a link for the visual impaired, so they can pass an alternative, audio test instead. I wonder whether they ask you to touch bellow and type what you feel. I will have to try. Oh man, this world is getting weird. I just left a comment on what a beautiful metaphore for beauty was "Beauty smells like a heady mix of lavender and alcohol", and then they asked me to please confirm I was human. Still, beauty smells like a heady mix of lavender and alcohol.

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