martes, 2 de noviembre de 2004

Hair-loss lotion

[current status: high]
I spend around 30 euros on hair-loss lotion every month. Last night, I thought that for 30 euros a month, you could probably feed a child or two. Inevitably, I thought whether I should stop buying the stupid hair-loss lotion and instead spend the money on the proper NGO. However, I thought, is that the way to go about global development? Of course, that was the eternal, rethorical question of all the students of human development (and I am one of them, even though I also lecture on e-business, God forgive me, I will also talk about the digital divide and what e-business can do to help erradicate it). The question is: do we first make sure we can all eat in the planet, or we go for a more balanced, global and self-sustainig development? Because if we all stop taking hair-loss lotion, then by induction, why not stop taking anything but food, helter and water? I tell you, I even thought of a whole new NGO that convinces bald people to be proud of their baldness, for they, without hair, help thousands of children eating something to survive everyday. And those with hair, yes, I know there are plenty of them out there, you readers I know you, yes, those with hair will have nothing to be proud of but a bunch of stupid hair on their heads. You know what, I think I go for the NGO. Or do I? Shit, I cannot lie. I hate meself. Or do I?

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