jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2004

Good morning, lazyness

[current status: very high]
That's the book I bought today. The premise of the book is clear: we all hate working, most of us work only to see the size of our bank account increase at the end of each month. Thus, until today, companies have been taking advantage of us. Today, it is time to start taking advantage of companies: in other words, being as lazy as possible at work, without getting fired. The book the emerges as the perfect handbook to achieve complete lazyness without getting fired.
I don't know anything else. Specially, I don't know why it is that it is today that we should start changing our relationship with our employers. Why not ten years ago? Why today? I don't know. But I'm intringued, or I was intringued at the moment, and so that was enough for me to buy the book. And I am still intringued: yes, maybe for a different reason: I am maybe now, more intringued at why I was intringued when I decided to buy the book. Anyway, I'm too high. I go to sleep: I am going to dream a lot tonite, I can feel it.

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