lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2004

Global Frienship [current status: high]

No, this is not a post about how nice cultural diversity and global understanding is. This is a post about the last four days I've spent preparing a presentation for my first university class as a "Professor" (on a one-month contract, though). I've been mostly in front of the computer, and so inevitably, I've talked to Joaquin about it. He's given good advice, as usual, and also a link to a 1st-day-of-class presentation by my best (and only ;) Russian friend -a. Then -a has popped out the MSN messenger, and I've asked him for a 1st-day-of-class trick to avoid shyness and stress altogether. His answer: "BE PREPARED, I wasn't".
Of course, there was also Choche. We met yesterday at his uni, and I during two long hours Choche listened at my first university class as a "Professor" (on a one-month contract, though). And Choche gave some good advice and meaningful critiques, too. On the way until today I also received an email from a japanesse friend: she will for sure overcome and repair the mental and physical mess after the terrible earthquake very soon. Another email came from southern-spanish -j and his trip to Paris, and from Hong Kong-based -g with the story of the sales person who reminded her that today was "all the saints" day.
All in all, a network of emotions, laughters, tears, advice, concern,... has been surrounding and filling me continuosly, providing the feeling of a net wisely placed under my void to prevent me from falling apart. Thanks you, and thanks me.

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