domingo, 23 de enero de 2005

An email I just wrote

Yes, what the hell is going on? I've just read some of the last emails from the list and I can't help feeling a bit disgusted by words like: yucky, yummy, guppy, cracky, ...
What the hell is going on with you, people? And you, Gabor? Why have you learnt to write better English? I used to be a good writer, and you used to be such a good bad writer... and now I see you using all these guppy words.
For some reason, it seems like you have to use this kind of words to show you are mastering the English language. And it turns out those words are the worst thing about the English language. I just hate this -y sounding words, they are so... I don't know, the infest whatever you write with a sense of californian girl stupidity that I just can't tolerate, my skin suddenly irritated. Ah... my friends stay in the States, and of course they learn more and more English, and I start to feel I don't belong to their vocabulary anymore... where are you, guy-by-the-fountain-in-Bancroft? Have you also learnt to put yucky between your sentences? Are you walking on a cracky floor? Do you eat donuts which are so yummy yummy? Please, don't tell me if this is the case... The other day I saw you behind a dark, long curtain inside the cinema. They played Ragging Bull and then In the mood for love. I just watched the movies play, and felt the beauty of a good film again penetrating my blood and flooding my whole body with a sense of peace of mind. The peace of a quiet, warm and embracing time, as time goes by.

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