domingo, 2 de enero de 2005


Shit, I just saw an Apple iMac, very old one but looked new, the bid on Ebay was just 219 euros but the minimum price had not been reached. So I don't know why, I bid 250, and shit... I reached the fucking minimum price. Suddenly I was two hours from winning this crappy old iMac, and considering it was past midnight, I was going to win the computer. Why the hell did I bid? Don't know, don't know... stupid, stupid me. Then I got an email from eBay... to confirm the bid. Yes, it was true and there was no way back... wasn't it? There was: eBay informed on the email I could "retract", even though it was not OK to retract just because I changed my mind, which was exactly my case. No, the retracting policy didn't admit it. So I retracted argueing I had put the wrong price. Stupid, I know, because in that case you're asked to introduce a new price, otherwise they check and threaten you with I don't know how many bad things. Anyway, I retracted and I don't know what will happen. Such are my stupid fears. Shit, the beggining of the year is a disaster, really. What kind of person I am? What the hell I am doing bidding for stupid old iMacs at midnight? I am really angry at myself right now. I feel like those stupid New York citizens I saw today on a TV documentary: they take their dogs to the psychologist and when they go on holidays, they pay a five star hotel for their beloved dog, 250 bucks per night. Shit, shit, shit. What the hell? Did I tell you that today I almost die at the swimming pool? Well, die is maybe too strong a word. But I almost drowned. Shit, I was swimming and suddenly felt I had no energy at all, I thought "fuck, the water is loosing pressure, the swimming pool is losing water. But it was me the one who was losing pressure. Fuck, I freaked out. It was such a pain to get to the border of the swimming pool and get out. The pool watchers gave me a glass with water and sugar. I saved myself. The rest of the day I spent it with sick, my head turning around. And to end it I bid for the iMac. Oh man, terrible day. Terrible.

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