domingo, 23 de enero de 2005

Living with your mother

What I precisely hate about it is when, for instance, I want to go to bed at 22h and smoke a quiet joint in my room. I just can't. Precisely on the days I really want to do that, my mom will decide to go to bed very late, like 0:30 or more (when she's usually in bed no latter than 23h) It's like they had a radar: they sense you want to be alone and free, and thus they decide to spoil it. And I suspect it's not just moms, it's anybody you live with. My father likes to say that one thing nobody will never accept is the fact that you want to do what you want at any moment.
Take today, for instance. Fuck, I prepared dinner and everything, then it was 23h and I just demanded a bit of loneliness. It wasn't welcomed. I had my mom entering my room several times for different reasons, or, what I hate the most, just entering and starting making my bed and putting the clothes in the closet, saying no words. Man, how much I hate that, it just makes me want to scream so loud. Anyway.

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