domingo, 12 de junio de 2005

I am spam

Kel's journal has identified me "as an open proxy (a common source of spam), so comment access is denied". So, since I cannot comment on your blog, dear kel, I will comment on here :)
1) Kel wrote about "the secretary problem":
"To our friend's spouse-seeking woes, Von Bing allegorically posed 'the Secretary problem':
Imagine you need a secretary and are interviewing candidates one by one.
You must accept or reject each candidate after the interview. That means you must decide after meeting each, whether or not you will hire them.
You cannot reverse the decision once made and you cannot go back to choosing a previous candidate.
This, Von Bing hinted, was how he found his wife.
I asked him tonight if there would be other ways of solving the problem (since he is a statistician).
He smiles and says there probably are strategies, but he wouldn't want to go back down that road.
Would you?"

2) Mr. Berkeley man commented:
"well, if you get to meet someone like anne, what's the purpose of going back down that road?
you have the yaps, you will meet piotr.
you have new flashy shabby chic clothes.
i envy you."

3) An I comment:
"well, in a market economy like ours, it's quite cheap to fire an employee... and quite easy to get a divorce. secretaries and wives are not asset-specific goods, which means that the transaction costs are low. so, problem solved. :)
(the fruitman speaking the language of economics like he knew any economics)"

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