domingo, 19 de junio de 2005


It was a rambling weekend. I fought with my girlfriend a few times, and a few times we reconsidered our positions and achieved peace of mind. It's mainly a problem of cultural differences, but it seems that our similarities are above culture, and so we keep on together. Mmm... I look forward to landing in hong kong... I need sashimi and tai chi and feng shui and asian cinema. And a bit of sex too, maybe :) ... sashimi and sex is a good combination to overcome cultural differences... raw stuff, you know.
On the other side of the weekend, I spent most of my time reading and watching movies and thinking.
1) A hundred years of solitude, by García Márquez. Started as a great novel, continued as a bit too boring read, but cannot put it off. I'm just so in love with Úrsula. There are no women like Úrsula no more.
2) A book by an american guy who rented the appartment where I lived until I was one year old, James Nolan. We still sort of keep contact with him, and the other day he presented his book in Barcelona and we bought it and I'm reading it. In the book, he rambles around with interesting thoughts in the form of easy going essays. Thoughts like: before we got paid for recycling. True: I remember carrying the empty glass bottles down to the grocery and getting paid for each of them. Now all the profit is for the manufacturers.
Watching movies:
1) the man who shot liberty valance: once more, I realised cinema ain't what it used to be.
2) mystic river: once more, I realised there's still some cinema like john ford used to do it.
1) does joaquin have "tokyo blues" by murakami, or however the japanese name is written?
2) ...

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