martes, 27 de diciembre de 2005

Comics tell you the truth

Here's a comic about how i've been feeling lately. This is the translation for the English readers:

"Sometimes, darkness takes over my soul"

"I feel alone and everything seems pointless"
-Now coming, the next soccer match of the century"

"I realise that very soon a third part of my existence will
have come to an end... and it should have been the best part
of my life, but I feel it was just so so"

"I would like to believe that living is something more than a
slow process of decadence"

"Am I at the terrible point when memories are better than hopes?"

"At this point, I always welcome the conforting thoughts of my friends"
-What you need is a good fuck!
-Yeah, I'm going to jerk off see if anxiety goes away"

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