viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2005

Back home, cold home

I came back home after a few days at my mom's (I've been having a bad stomach ache, and mom always cooks better soup... then she didn't want me to go:)
Of course, it's cold again, and of course, again I lost time wandering around the net. I discovered this technorati thing, a blog searcher. I searched for myself and was only able to find my father: Oedipus fate I have.
Anyway, somehow I ended up writing this post about frio (cold) that I wrote more than a year ago. A year ago, I was also really cold.

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  1. Hola pere soy tu amigo de la infancia, tu viejo y no tan viejo amigo. Puedes ver por el nombre quién soy a ver si me das una sorpresa y me mandas una palabrejas de las tuyas, ¿vale? Ya sabes que me pongo muy melancólico en otoño, aunque no haga un puto frío todavía...
    Hasta pronto,